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When my Dad died recently, I immediately thought of Michelle to conduct the service. She was brilliant! We didn't want anything too formal or sad and Michelle's eulogy delivered the perfect blend of respect and humour to guide my Dad to his new resting place. 
Thank you, Michelle. for creating such a positive experience and happy memories for us all.

Linda C


My Mum wanted a celebration, not a dull funeral and Michelle helped to create something that I know would have delighted her.  I'm sure she would have loved to be there, I am so proud! 
Michelle delivered a wonderful, empathetic ceremony that respectfully honoured the life of someone who wanted us to celebrate her life rather than mourn her passing. It was a pleasure to work with Michelle at the most difficult time I have ever experienced.

Lisa B


Michelle was so easy to talk to and immediately put me at ease, even under the circumstances. The service she delivered was everything I could have wished for and you felt she knew my father. I'm not an emotional person but it brought a tear to my eye and truly reflected his personality. I would have no hesitation in contacting Michelle again in the future.

Rob S

Stoney River

Michelle was invaluable and made planning the funeral of our uncle so much easier. She helped us choose readings and poems but most brilliant of all, she collated the personal memories of more than 10 people to create a eulogy of many voices. What she came up with was the most amazing account where all of our most important memories and feelings were included and somehow, without knowing our uncle, she managed to describe him perfectly. We couldn’t recommend Michelle highly enough.

Claire and Kevin T

Wedding Aisle

Michelle has given us so much time as we plan our wedding ceremony, talking to us on the phone about our options, giving us suggestions on how our day could look, ensuring we get what we want from the whole experience and has been amazing in planning what we hope to be a fabulous day of celebrations. We cannot thank Michelle enough for all her support over this quite stressful and emotional time and for being so accommodating.  I would not hesitate to recommend her services, unconditionally.  Rest assured, if you have her as your Celebrant you will most definitely have one special, personal day for both you and your guests to remember.

Lou & Wayne

Church Candles

I want to thank you for giving such a lovely service and really helping us to celebrate my Mum’s life.  Everybody afterwards said what a wonderful, moving service it was and completely appropriate as a goodbye to Mum.
We all appreciated how you had included so many details of Mum’s life that we could all identify with.

Sarah F

Sharpham Natural Burial Ground

Thank you so much for making C's Day so special. You were simply wonderful and together we did C proud. Thanks again for your fantastic eulogy and for making C's Day such a celebration of his wonderful life. (At Sharpham Natural Burial Ground)

Alan M


The ceremony was perfect.  You should know that my mum and both my new mother and father-in-law told me it was the best wedding ceremony they had ever been to because of how personal to 'us' it was. So time for a gold star for you I think!

Cat L


We couldn't have asked for a better celebrant to help us give Mum the send off she wanted and deserved. So we are very grateful for all your help and support. We had so many lovely comments from those who attended about how lovely the service was. And also from those who watched online.

Matt and Tom P


Thank you for your kind and sympathetic words during yesterday's service, delivered in such a personal, beautiful way. Both S and I applaud your part in making Mum's farewell the best we could have wished for....Mum would be proud!

Adam and Simon F


I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for a beautiful ceremony. You made it the perfect tribute to my father. Everybody agreed wholeheartedly that you were perfect. You brought exactly the right amount of gravitas but at the same time were very spontaneous and brought joy to the moment as we remembered dad together as you spoke. The timing was perfect as well.

All of my brothers were worried that maybe you wouldn't read it as they would have but they all agreed you did it better. I feel honoured to have met you and am so I chose you. From the moment you came to the house though, I felt serene, that it was all going to go well. And lastly, your messages really made the difference to mum and I.  


Nicky H


Michelle, you are a legend! The draft ceremony is absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way! Yes I cried reading it and Joe although no tears did have a big smile on his face as he read through it all! It is very 'us'!


I am so glad we met you, I cannot think of anyone more perfect to do this job for us!

Jennie and Joe

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